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May 23, 2018

On this episode our guest will be Josh McBride.  Josh is the founder and CEO of Upsider. Upsider is a solution that helps automate the sales recruiting process. 
Full discloser, Josh and I go way back. I hired Josh into his first sales role during our days at CheetahMail where he continued to grow and eventually became their VP of Sales at an early age.
During this episode we’ll learn some interesting things about Josh like…
How Sports taught him the importance of being data driven.
How starting in a customer service role helped him learn the product offering and be empathetic to the customer which ultimately provided him a quicker ramp up to start his sales career. 
We’ll learn what are the most important characteristics of a successful seller or a best seller. I think you’ll be surprised by one or two of his characteristics. 
and finally we’ll learn that Josh doesn’t play the violin but loves Woo Tang Clan.