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Aug 25, 2020

Our guest on this episode is Gessie Schechinger. Gessie is the VP of Sales at Oncourse which is a sales engagement platform for sellers.
Much of the focus of this episode is on how to effectively take advantage of LinkedIn for starting relationships and developing new opportunities. Gessie shares lots of great advise like; how to get your invites accepted, how to use hashtags to post and find relevant connections, and how to ensure your profile is updated for success. 
But before we get started I wanted to let you know that T-REX has gone virtual for 2020.
Join us on September 16th for the first ever T-REX Virtual Conference Extravaganza. This will be a 3 hours virtual conference with 4 great speakers including Cal Fussman, Brad McGinity CRO at 15five, Erica Schultz CMO Rain Group and Latane Conant CMO at 6sense. See the podcast notes for details on our the agenda and tickets or go to